• Auto Glym - Ultra High Defininition Shampoo - 1ltr

Auto Glym - Ultra High Defininition Shampoo - 1ltr

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Auto Glym - Ultra High Definition Shampoo - 1ltr

Luxurious, high foaming shampoo, with an irresistible fragrance. Cleans paintwork leaving a silky smooth, high-gloss finish. 

Introducing Autoglym Ultra High Definition. Breathtaking finishes, luxuriously smooth with invigorating, sensual fragrances. Ultra High Definition products turn car care into pure pleasure.

The Autoglym Ultra High Definition Shampoo 1L redefines what a car shampoo is. Not only does Ultra High Definition Shampoo clean your car, but it does so with a specially formulated set of ingredients to ensure your wash mitt glides over the surface of the car with ease gently removes contaminants and road traffic film to produce a high-gloss finish that’s incredibly smooth to the touch. That’s the Autoglym way, always has been.

A dense layer of foam forms in your bucket and will not fade away as other shampoos can. The luxurious fragrance can be smelt not only in the bottle, but as you wash the car too. The product is pH neutral and safe to use on waxed or sealed cars.

  • Deep long lasting foam
  • Slick formulation to aid wash mitt glide
  • Luxurious fragrance
  • pH neutral wax safe formulation
  • Contents Size: 1Ltr