• Carlube -  0W/30 Fully Syntheitic - 5Ltr

Carlube - 0W/30 Fully Syntheitic - 5Ltr

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Carlube -  0W/30 Fully Syntheitic - 5Ltr

Performance Level:
  • ACEA A5/B5
  • API SL

A technically advanced fully synthetic low viscosity engine oil for petrol and diesel engines, providing advanced levels of wear protection, performance and enhanced fuel economy.

  • Suitable for use in some of the latest Volvo petrol and diesel engines requiring a low viscosity engine oil
Features & Benefits:
  • Excellent engine performance under all driving conditions
  • Enhanced frictional properties giving greater fuel economy
  • Increased power due to the low viscosity of the oil
  • Lower oil consumption
  • Reduced emissions due to improved fuel economy
  • Excellent cold weather starting and rapid oil circulation